10 healthy getaways that will recharge your body and mind


Wellness continues to be one of the hot travel trends this year and it’s expected to keep growing.

People are stressed, they’re tired, they’re worried about the state of the world. They need a break.

These 10 wellness destinations are good for whatever ails you. Their purpose is to get you away from your devices, social media and the news, and get you back in touch with nature and the things that really matter to you.

Whether you prefer the beach, the mountains, the desert or the city, there’s something here for everyone. Luxurious yet down to earth and nurturing, each one of these magical places can help you transform your body, your spirit and, at the very least, your attitude.

Las Alamandas | Costalegre, Mexico

Sometimes all you need to get yourself back on track is a few days in secluded yet stunning natural surroundings, a.k.a. Las Alamandas.

Set on a 1500-acre nature reserve on the Mexican Riviera, this tropical paradise is so private, you may not run into any other guests during your stay. So, you don’t have to worry about being social if you’re not feeling it. In fact, the only waves you may experience are the ones you fall asleep to outside your pretty-in-shocking-pink and sunny yellow villa.

You can get a massage in the beachfront spa palapa, go for a bike or horseback ride, do yoga by the ocean, explore the organic gardens and enjoy a picnic lunch overlooking the natural beauty all around you. Or you can choose to spend your time napping in a hammock, doing nothing but making a reservation to come back for regular visits.