Aldi selling Pineapple and Orange Mimosas for a limited time


Aldi’s newest item brings the spirits to Sunday brunch in a premixed bottle.

The German discount grocer already is known for its discount wine and whisky, but it’s also building a following for its bottled mimosas, which were introduced in orange last spring.

Orange is back and joined by the new Pineapple Mimosa, which goes on sale Wednesday at participating stores nationwide.

The 750-milliliter bottles sell for $8.99 each and include freshly-squeezed juice. They have 8 percent alcohol by volume.

But be prepared to walk away empty-handed if you can’t get to Aldi early as supplies of both are limited. Some stores also start sales early.

Not all Aldi stores sell alcohol, as some states and cities do not allow grocery stores to sell alcohol. Find locations that sell alcohol at There’s also a recipe for a mimosa bar on the website.

Along with the mimosas, Aldi is adding more to its limited Easter special items collections, including carrot cake sandwich cookies, coconut macaroons and Easter egg decorating kids.