Angry Todd Bowles is blaming wrong person for Jets’ collapse


This was the man’s 39th loss in 63 games, and it will be his last loss at home. So he can blame the officiating all he wants for the kind of choke that epitomizes the Todd Bowles Era.

“I thought we were playing two teams. I thought we were playing the Packers and the striped shirts,” Bowles said.

Throw the flag on the coach after Packers 44, Jets 38 in overtime.

Yes, the Jets were playing the great Aaron Rodgers, and yes, the men in the striped shirts occasionally might have reminded you of Moe, Larry and Curly calling 16 penalties against your team for 172 yards, but you cannot cry foul when your team displays absolutely no killer instinct and surrenders a 35-20 lead at home, even if an army of cheeseheads was chanting “Go Pack Go” in crunch time.

In truth, more than anything, they were playing the Jets, and all they did was beat themselves.

And so we get the loser’s lament of a coach who has not taught his undisciplined team how to finish or how to win after four years of trying.

It was 35-20 to start the fourth quarter and Sam Darnold, already with three touchdown passes, had the ball, staring down the great Rodgers. And here came … wait for it … Same Old Jets.

“It’s our fault — it’s the players’ fault,” Darnold said. “We just gotta go out there and finish. We had a chance there to finish the game, and we didn’t.”