Ariana Grande Pelted With Lemon During Coachella & Fans Think The Beyhive Is Responsible


Ariana Grande‘s April 21 Coachella set went sour at one point when someone in the audience literally pelted her with a lemon at her onstage. The lemon made contact with Ari, hitting her in the side while she was trying to dance during “Break Your Heart Right Back”. She paused, clearly pissed, and said, “What the f**k? That’s ’cause one of y’all threw a lemon at me. Sh*t.” She briefly walked offstage before coming back to sing “NASA” like a true professional. You can watch the wild video of the lemon hitting Ariana below.

So who would seriously throw fruit at Ariana? Some have proposed a theory that it was an angry member of the Beyhive. Get it? Lemonade? They could be disgruntled after hearing the rumor that Ariana was paid $8 million to play Coachella 2019, while Beyonce was paid $4 million for her historic 2018 Coachella performance. That rumor has since been debunked; both women took home $4 million. Maybe the lemon thrower hadn’t heard the good news yet. At least the rest of Ariana’s Coachella experience was great.