Bill Weld: 5 Facts About Former GOP Governor Running Against Trump For President In 2020


Welcome to the 2020 circus, Bill Weld! The former Massachusetts governor, 73, announced on February 15 that he would be challenging President Donald Trump in the primaries as a Republican. The Libertarian Republican has lost a number of elections, but does he have a real shot at replacing Trump as the Republican candidate for the presidency in the 2020 election? Let’s find out more about him:

1. He’s running because he wants to better the Republican Party: “I hope to see the Republican Party assume once again the mantle of being the party of Lincoln. It upsets me that our energies as a society are being sapped by the President’s culture of divisiveness in Washington,” he said February 15 in New Hampshire. “Because of the many concerns I’ve talked about today, I’ve established an exploratory committee … as a Republican in the 2020 election.”