Colossal asteroid set to travel by Earth on Friday, NASA says we will be fine


You’ll be happy to know that doomsday won’t be happening any day this week.

While it is true that a giant space rock is set to travel by Earth this Friday, March 8, humanity has nothing to fear.

The mega asteroid, 2019 DN, measures between 298 and 656 feet wide, according to NASA, but it will pass Earth around 13 lunar distances away.

One lunar distance is the distance from Earth to the moon, which is about 238,900 miles. So 2019 DN’s flyby will be very far away from us — approximately 3,105,700 miles away.

The asteroid that exploded above Chelyabinsk, Russia, in 2013 — injuring 1,500 and damaging thousands of buildings — measured about 65 feet wide. And the asteroid that’s believed to have killed the dinosaurs is estimated to have been 50 miles across.

But even if 2019 DN were to change course, NASA says, its impact could do some damage but nothing apocalyptic.

Another asteroid, 2019 CD5, which measures between 328 and 754 feet wide, is set to pass closer to Earth than 2019 DN on March 20. But still not close enough — or large enough — to bet on it being the end of the world.