Could The New Mutants End Up On Disney+?


This June will see Dark Phoenix telling the next (and possibly final) chapter of the main X-Men film series, but it’s not the only mutant-centric project that’s set for release this year. The New Mutants is also on the calendar, but there’s barely been any word on its progress for months, leading to rampant speculations about whether or not 20th Century Fox will even release it in theaters. That remains to be confirmed, but apparently The New Mutants going up on the upcoming Disney+ streaming service is a distinct possibility.

Originally set to come out in April 2018, The New Mutants was pushed back to February 2019 at the beginning of last year to make time for reshoots, and it was pushed again to its current August date since these reshoots were reportedly more extensive than previously believed. However, the latest word from THR states that the reshoots still haven’t occurred yet, though apparently “things seem to be in the hands of” director Josh Boone. In any case, now the likelihood of The New Mutants actually hitting theaters is more questionable, though the outlet states that it’s “likely” the movie will still be released after Disney has assumed control of Fox and that it’s a “safe bet” that people would eventually be able to check it out on Disney+.

With all the money and work that’s been poured into The New Mutants, it’d be surprising if the movie were to be taken off the theatrical schedule and moved to a streaming service. Then again, this isn’t an uncommon move nowadays, as Netflix picked up Paramount’s The Cloverfield Paradox and Warner Bros’ Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle last year. Plus, while not officially confirmed yet, it’s been assumed that once the X-Men and Fantastic Four properties are under the Disney banner, they’ll be rebooted to fit within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If that happens, then the chances of The New Mutants getting a sequel are quite slim, so perhaps the parties in charge wouldn’t want to dedicate more resources towards showing it in theaters.