Dark Phoenix’s Reshoots Changed The Climax In A Big Way


Like many blockbusters before it, Dark Phoenix set aside time for reshoots, with cameras rolling last fall, almost a year after principal photography had wrapped. Sometimes the extra footage gathered from reshoots is only meant to make minor changes to the movie, but in Dark Phoenix’s case, it was part of a bigger overhaul that included shifting the location of the climax.

When Dark Phoenix was rolling cameras, the plan was for the final battle to take place out in space, but once reshoots came around, the entire third act was changed and it now has the X-Men characters being kidnapped and imprisoned aboard a military train instead. We’ve seen snippets of this sequence in past trailers, and it ultimately leads to the corrupted Jean Grey lifting the train into the air while everyone is still on board.

Although Dark Phoenix is a relatively more grounded adaptation of The Dark Phoenix Saga, this version definitely has more of a cosmic feel, namely because Jean’s transformation into Phoenix occurs during a rescue mission in space and Jessica Chastain’s still-unidentified character is an alien shapeshifter. So it’s peculiar that rather than keep that cosmic flavor going in the climax, it was decided ahead of reshoots to keep the action Earthbound instead.