Don’t Let These Fitness Myths Stop You From Working Out


A gym membership has gone from being a luxury to a necessity, given our sedentary lifestyles. Women have long been apprehensive of going to the gym and doing weights, owing to myths like the one which states that women will become bulky or look manly if they do. We asked a few fitness experts to bust those myths for you.

It is an outcome of the FACT: Well, people should just leave it to the woman to decide what she wants for her body. No one can decide how a woman should look because her shape is unique. Her routine is unique and almost every woman or girl I know has responsibilities at home. She manages hers and
maybe her entire family’s life while kicking ass at work and the gym. Try telling a man to achieve this. He probably will complain about losing his “gainz”.FACT: Cardiovascular conditioning is an essential part of the entire fitness spectrum but it is not the main thing. Ladies, stop doing only cardio. Aim for overall cardiovascular and muscular endurance: Use the bodyweight workouts of Nike Training App for a full body core and cardio workout or you can also select guided runs from the Nike Run Club app to help you understand how much cardio is enough. This comes from severe and deep self esteem and body image issues. It is further fueled by idolizing Bollywood celebrities who are airbrushed, photoshopped and probably have an entourage working to make them look a certain way. You should find avenues which are positive, encouraging and push you in a way that increases not only your confidence but improves your functional fitness too!

FACT: There is nothing called spot reduction. If your trainer is making you clock 100 crunches and promising you flat abs then it’s time to change the trainer. Ensure you are including cardio, strength and flexibility- all three elements in your daily workout to get fitter and stronger. You will drop dress sizes automatically.