Facebook cracks down on personality quizzes to protect your personal info


You know those Facebook personality quizzes that tell you which fruit you are or which cast member of “Friends” is your spirit animal?

The social networking giant is cracking down on them.

On Thursday, Facebook updated its platform policies for developers and said apps with like personality quizzes “may not be permitted on the platform.” These types of fake tests can give app makers access to your personal data, which can reveal information related to your passwords and answers to login security questions.

“The update also clarifies that apps may not ask for data that doesn’t enrich the in-app, user experience,” wrote Eddie O’Neil, director of product management at Facebook, in a blog post.

The Facebook policies page states that apps that provide users “with assessments of personality, personal attributes, character traits, behavioral tendencies or whose core functionality otherwise involves making predictions about who the user is, may not be allowed.”
Facebook’s policies leave some leeway open, and some apps will still be allowed while others face heightened scrutiny.

A Facebook quiz was at the center of the Cambridge Analytica scandal in which a research firm accessed information from millions of unsuspecting Facebook users.