‘Game of Thrones’: Relive the 10 Most Unforgettable Moments From the First 7 Seasons


Who will win? Who will die? Who will die and then win, after being resurrected by dark and terrible magic? All will be revealed soon, as the epic saga of Game of Thrones Opens a New Window. finally comes to an end — and the last man (or woman or White Walker) standing finally takes their seat on the Iron Throne.

But while we’re looking forward to the thrilling denouement to come, Us Weekly is also looking back at the drama, intrigue, betrayal, vengeance and naked walks of shame that have made Game of Thrones so compulsively watchable from the very start. Below, we’ve round up the ten most memorable moments from the past seven seasons.

Ned’s Head
Many years ago, in the young and innocent days of its very first season, Game of Thrones marched Ned Stark (Sean Bean) onto the executioner’s scaffold — a predicament which didn’t worry us at all, because everyone knew he would be just fine. After all, Ned Stark was the series’ hero! And you can’t just kill the her – OH, they chopped off his head.

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Daenerys Burns It Down
From the moment Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke Opens a New Window. ) walked into a bonfire and emerged unburnt with three baby dragons on her shoulder, you knew that fire would be the woman’s weapon of choice. Sometimes she had help from her dragons, but when it came to seizing control of the entire Dothraki army, Daenerys torched the Khals all on her own before emerging nude and ringed by fire to take command.In a series where horrific deaths are a dime a dozen, this one — in which the Mountain gouges out Martell’s (Pedro Pascal) eyes with his bare hands before popping the man’s skull like a grape — stands out for its pure brutality.