Goodyear to unveil tires for flying cars at Geneva auto show


Goodyear isn’t just prepping for self-driving cars — it’s getting ready for ones that fly.

The company is unveiling a concept tire for flying vehicles Tuesday at the 89th annual Geneva International Motor Show in Switzerland.

The Goodyear AERO would operate both as a tire for driving on the road and as a “propeller” for airborne travel.

The AERO is a multi-modal tilt-rotor concept and would use magnetic propulsion, the company said.

The spokes are designed to support the weight of a vehicle on the ground, and then act as fan blades to provide lift. Promotional videos on YouTube show the tires tilting upward as a vehicle rises from the surface of the roadway.

“This unique airless tire uses a non-pneumatic structure that is flexible enough to dampen shocks when driving on the road, and strong enough to rotate at the high speeds necessary for the rotors to create vertical lift,” the company said in a news release.