Hospital sends ‘robot’ doctor to tell patient he’s dying


A California man’s family is upset after his life-threatening diagnosis was delivered to him by a doctor, via a robot.

On March 3, a nurse wheeled a robot into the ICU of 78-year-old Ernest Quintana at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center emergency department in Fremont, California, their granddaughter, Annalisia Wilharm, told USA Today.

“The nurse came around and said the doctor was going to make rounds and I thought ‘OK, no big deal; I’m here,’” said Wilharm.

What she didn’t expect was what happened after the nurse opened the door.

Wilharm didn’t see a human being, but a machine with a video screen of a doctor. She told USA Today the machine was there to tell her grandfather how the hospital had run out of effective treatments.

According to KUTV, Wilharm said her grandfather couldn’t hear much of what the machine was saying and they kept needing it to repeat itself. It got to a point where she had to tell her grandfather he was dying because he couldn’t hear what the robot was saying.

The robot essentially told Quintana, “you might not make it home,” said Wilharm.

“Devastated. I was going to lose my grandfather,” said Wilharm. “We knew that this was coming and that he was very sick. But I don’t think somebody should get the news delivered that way. It should have been a human being come in.”