How Lady Gaga proved Hollywood’s haters wrong


A star is reborn.

When Lady Gaga triumphantly swanned to the Golden Globes stage in 2016 to claim her first-ever acting award, the moment became a meme. But for an embarrassing reason: the way Leonardo DiCaprio seemed to laugh out loud, then roll his eyes when her name was called as best actress in a limited television series for “American Horror Story: ­Hotel.”

Gaga is tipped to win a Globe again this Sunday — lead actress in the drama category, for her role in “A Star Is Born.” But this time, no one will be laughing except her.

Right now, the English betting site Bovada has her in the lead to win, with 2 to 5 odds.

Even after the singer won her first Globe, many still weren’t convinced of her talents. (The Post’s own TV editor Michael Starr wrote: “The fact that wooden, vamping amateur Lady Gaga won … speaks volumes about the artistic hollowness of these awards. They’re a joke.”)

And Gaga herself admitted at a red-carpet appearance for “A Star Is Born” that she wanted to be an actress even before pursuing a music career — but, she said, “I was bad at auditions. I never got a job.”

Now, thanks to a combination of acting lessons — she prepared for the film with the well-respected teacher Elizabeth Kemp, who also coached Gaga’s co-star Bradley Cooper before she passed away in 2017 — and the stars aligning, Holly­wood has changed its tune about her.

“Gaga has an inner incandescence that a star has. By showing the depth of her vulnerability, she gave a brilliant performance. I think she’s got a gigantic future: the rare comet that comes along,” said veteran Hollywood producer Howard Rosenman (“Call Me By Your Name”). “She’s transcended to Streisand myth level.”

‘She’s transcended to Streisand myth level.’
And one Academy Awards voter told The Post that Gaga, 32, will be the belle of the Oscars come February. He also expects her to milk the moment for all it’s worth.

“She will definitely be nominated, for acting and for [the hit ‘A Star Is Born’ song]‘Shallow,’ ” said the voter. “She’ll no doubt wind up singing on the ­Oscars, too. She’s no dummy — and neither’s the Academy.”

One big part of Lady Gaga’s new success may be attributed to what a perfect fit she was for “A Star Is Born.”

Born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta in Manhattan, she was anything but an overnight success. She grew up on the Upper West Side, the daughter of an entrepreneur dad and stay-at-home mom (the two now own Joanne Trattoria on West 68th Street), and began playing open-mic nights while still a student at the all-girls Convent of the Sacred Heart school. At New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, she formed the ­SGBand with some friends and also played solo acoustic shows around town. (It’s now hard to imagine Lady Gaga opening for second-tier alt-rock act Nada Surf at the South Street Seaport, but that’s exactly what happened in 2005).