How moving on from Eli Manning should play out for the Giants


When? Where? How? Who?

The Eli Watch is back on.

And it’s tormenting the Giants.

Another season from hell … and the worst is yet to come. The worst is yet to come if the franchise doesn’t handle the franchise quarterback with the amazing grace that he has displayed across 15 seasons.

And as of Monday Mourning, there is no indication the Giants have a game plan for: When? Where? How? Who?

“Gosh, you gotta think of some other questions, my goodness,” Pat Shurmur said when the Eli Manning questions began flying at him. “You go every week with giving your team the best opportunity to win the football game … each week … that’s how you do this … this isn’t player tryout.”

This should be balancing a lost 2018 with a beloved quarterback who turns 38 in January with evaluating the rookie quarterback who might help give you a chance to win in 2019.

If Shurmur goes every week with giving his team the best chance to win, then by that criterion Manning should start the rest of the season.

“As the coach, I stay in the moment. We certainly have conversations about what runs parallel, the short-term and a long-term,” Shurmur said.

But at 3-8, the moment of truth is drawing near, the tug of war between short term and long term has to begin in earnest.