How to hear (and reply) to messages hands-free in the car


The only thing worse than a driver distracted by a phone call is when their eyes aren’t on the road and both hands aren’t on the wheel.

We see it almost every day now – someone beside you on the road is texting, emailing or instant messaging, all the while driving a 4,000-pound vehicle.

While safety experts agree the best thing to do is to simply wait until you’re not behind the wheel, many are turning to technology to remain productive while commuting to and from the office.

In fact, there are a few ways you can hear your messages in a human-like voice, and in many cases these tools allow you to reply using your voice.

(Built-in infotainment systems are getting more advanced, but they sound far from human, nor will most let you verbally reply to a text message).

I’ve tested many third-party options over the past two weeks, and so the following is a look at a few different suggestions, with pros and cons for each.

Again, I want to be clear: The best thing to do is focus solely on driving and check your messages when you’re not. But for those tempted to pick up their phone to read and reply to messages, at the very least use one of these safer options instead.