Jennifer Garner Shoots Down Idea of ‘13 Going on 30’ Sequel: ‘What, Like, 15 Going on 50?’


30, flirty, and thriving… one more time? No, Jennifer Garner just can’t imagine a sequel to her hit romantic comedy 13 Going on 30.

Jennifer Garner Through the Years
Garner, 46, reflected on her role as 13-turned-30-year-old Jenna Rink in the 2004 film as she sat down with the hosts of Good Morning America on Thursday, April 11.

For starters, the actress didn’t realize the movie’s 15th anniversary is coming up on April 23. “Aww!” she exclaimed when she learned of the upcoming milestone.

And when asked for her favorite memories from her time on set, Garner cited the cast of the movie, particularly her onscreen nemesis. “Judy Greer, working with Judy,” she said. “We had so much fun together. She was my frenemy, and we’re still really good friends.”

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Despite the nostalgia, Garner let GMA cohost George Stephanopoulos down easy on the idea of a sequel. “What, like 15 Going on 50?” she quipped. “Let’s simmer down! Leave well enough alone!”