Justin Bieber confirms engagement to Hailey Baldwin: ‘I am soooo in love’


Justin Bieber has popped the question. No, not “What Do You Mean?” or “Where Are U Now”?

The singer proposed to Hailey Baldwin on Saturday, he confirmed on his Instagram.

“Was gonna wait a while to say anything but word travels fast, listen plain and simple Hailey I am soooo in love with everything about you!” he wrote, sharing two photos of Baldwin sitting on his lap and kissing his cheek. “You are the love of my life Hailey Baldwin and I wouldn’t want to spend it with anyone else. … The thing I am most excited for is that my little brother and sister get to see another healthy stable marriage and look for the same!!!”

He continued: “Gods timing really is literally perfect, we got engaged on the seventh day of the seventh month, the number seven is the number of spiritual perfection … By the way I didn’t plan that, anyways My goodness does feel good to have our future secured!”

Baldwin responded shortly after Bieber’s post. “Not sure what I did in life to deserve such happiness but I am so utterly grateful to God for giving me such an incredible person to share my life with! No words could ever express my gratitude,” she tweeted.

TMZ first shared the news that the singer, 24, and model, 21, got engaged in the Bahamas. People cites a source who said that though the engagement was “kind of a surprise,” Bieber “has been extremely happy these past few weeks. He has known Hailey for a long time. This might seem sudden, but they know each other very well.”

Bieber’s parents’ recent social-media posts appear to support the union. On Instagram, dad Jeremy Bieber captioned a sunset photo of his son: “Proud is an understatement! Excited for the next chapter!” And on Twitter, mom Patti Mallette said, “Love Love Love Love Love Love Love.

“Baldwin’s father, actor Stephen Baldwin tweeted out a Bible passage and wrote that he’s “#blessed,” before tweeting and then deleting a post about “the hearts of JB&HB.