Meet glamorous brunette behind Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó


Venezuela’s first lady in waiting is a glamorous brunette and a social-media influencer, with more than half a million followers on Instagram.

But Fabiana Rosales, 26, isn’t selling beauty products or designer clothing. She’s calling for revolution.

And the young journalist and mother is not afraid to use her newfound celebrity as the wife of the country’s interim president Juan Guaidó, 35, to push for change.

Since Guaidó assumed office in January as the president of the National Assembly, Rosales has been at his side, helping him lead demonstrations against dictator Nicolas Maduro, handing out humanitarian aid at hospitals during recent blackouts and appealing directly to military families to break with Maduro and join forces with her husband.

“Maybe you are a mother, a fiancée, a daughter or a sister of someone in the military,” said Rosales in social-media posts. “I speak to you to convince those men in your lives to participate in the change that is necessary in Venezuela.”

Although her family has endured death threats and a menacing visit from Maduro’s brutal “colectivos,” or death squads, Rosales has stood by her husband in his bid to take over the government from Maduro, who has refused to step down after sham elections in May 2018.