Mets, Jacob deGrom need to be more cautious from here on out


ST. LOUIS — The Mets will tell you they are not overly concerned about Jacob deGrom’s “barking’’ right elbow.

That alone should make you super concerned.

The fact that deGrom came to the Mets with the report of elbow soreness, prompting the team to place him on the IL Friday with the Cy Young winner set for an MRI exam Monday, tells you everything you need to know.

DeGrom is not one to complain. He’s been through Tommy John surgery in 2010 so he knows what is at stake.

The only way for the Mets to go here is to be over-the-top cautious when it comes to their ace.

This is more proof that all the innings limits and pitch counts in the world cannot save a pitcher from himself. DeGrom came out in spring training at pretty much max effort and here we are 19 games into the 2019 season and he will be getting an MRI on his right elbow and will be shut down until April 26 at the earliest.