NASA stunned by mysterious ‘creature’ in Jupiter’s clouds


Space enthusiasts have spotted what they claim is a mythical “creature” hidden in the swirls of Jupiter’s cloud system.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory recently revealed a new, stunning image from its Juno spacecraft, which is circling the giant planet. The photo was snapped around 5 p.m. ET on Oct. 29 as the spacecraft made its 16th close flyby around Jupiter, according to a recent news release. At that time, Juno was just 4,400 miles from the floating clouds.

“A Dragon’s Eye? What do you see within the swirling clouds of Jupiter?” the NASA lab asked on Twitter.

The question prompted a flurry of responses — with many allowing their imaginations to wander.

“I see a Squid,” one Twitter user replied.

“Quetzalcoatl!” another guessed, referring to an ancient term that translates to “feathered serpent” or “flying reptile.”

“Dragon!!!” one man declared, outlining the picture with colors to form the face of the legendary creature.