Neill Blomkamp Had A Cryptic Response To The Colonel Sanders RoboCop


It’s official, folks: we live in a world where RoboCop can be Colonel Sanders. Earlier today, KFC debuted several ads featuring the cybernetic hero promoting its fried chicken and protecting the secret recipe, complete with Peter Weller vocally reprising the character. Make no mistake, it’s a bizarre thing seeing RoboCop wearing the Colonel’s signature facial hair, glasses and bowtie, but now District 9director Neill Blomkamp, who’s tackling the next RoboCop movie, has sent this peculiar tweet in response to the KFC ads.

What’s the problem here? Did KFC inadvertently pull from the story that Neill Blomkamp and writer Justin Rhodes have planned for RoboCop Returns? Is Blompkamp upset that RoboCop has sold out to fast food? Is he worried that a cyborg programmed to throw fried chicken at people will cause more good than bad? Or it is something as simple as Blomkamp thinking that this isn’t a good advertising campaign? Whatever the explanation, this Twitter post indicates that Blomkamp is not a fan of RoboCop filling the Colonel Sanders shoes. Would he have preferred The Terminator take on the mantle instead?

It’s worth mentioning that last November, it was reported that Peter Weller will not appear in RoboCop Returns, despite the fact that Neill Blomkamp that Weller was his top choice to play the part. It’s legitimately possible that Blomkamp is displeased that Weller turned down the opportunity to star in the upcoming movie, but he was willing to voice the character again for a fast food chain. If that is the case, I wouldn’t blame Blomkamp for being disappointed.