Odell Beckham is now Giants’ pride — and NFL’s Public Enemy No. 1


Odell Beckham Jr. has driven everyone from Tom Coughlin to Ben McAdoo to John Mara crazy from time to time.

But he also badgers defenses and defensive coordinators, in a way that Lawrence Taylor badgered quarterbacks and offenses and offensive coordinators.

And now, you can call Odell Beckham Jr. The Money Badger.

Touchdown, Beckham!

Touchdown, Giants!

And with his new five-year, $95 million deal — $65 million guaranteed — that makes him the highest-paid receiver in the game, a new responsibility will confront Beckham, as early as Week 1 against elite Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey:

The bull’s-eye on his No. 13 jersey just reached Empire State Building heights.

Ramsey almost immediately tweeted:

“It’s going to be a show very soon. #BatmanVsTheJoker”

It will be incumbent upon Beckham to tame the wild game-day beast within him and show the world that he has matured enough not to allow himself to be baited or provoked.

But if The Money Badger is all grown up, finally, and his fractured ankle is indeed a distant memory, and IF the Giants are right about 37-year-old Eli Manning, then the joke will be on the rest of the NFL.

Manning’s Score Four — Beckham, Saquon Barkley, Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram — has a chance to be The Greatest Show in Town outside of The Bronx.

He remains on the best stage anyone who burns to become as legendary as he does should want to be.

“It’s legacy time now,” Victor Cruz tweeted.

It is the only stage big enough for Beckham’s shining star.

“It’s a big city full of media, cameras, he’s a good dancer, he has a big personality. … I think that suits him well here,” safety Andrew Adams told The Post.

The Giants never truly wanted Beckham to play for anyone else. Mara announcing that no one was untouchable was a “We’ll show you the money when you act like a Giant” message. GM Dave Gettleman told us that you do not quit on talent. They just wanted him to buy into the new regime and emerge, finally, as a leader, given how popular and respected he is by teammates.

Beckham kept his promise, and the Giants kept theirs.

And from ages 25 through 29, the best should be yet to come from him. “We got him until he’s 108,” Gettleman quipped.

Gone, the Giants trust, are the days of Beckham mimicking a dog urinating in the end zone or embarking on a Miami boat trip before a playoff game or starring in a Paris pepperoni pizza video.

But he can dance to the bank now if he pleases.

“Most importantly, I have to thank God for being able to put me back together mentally, physically, spiritually,” Beckham said in a release.

A bare-chested, dancing Beckham appeared in a euphoric Sterling Shepard “money, money, money, money” Instagram post from the Giants locker room.

“As I have said, I think Odell personally is moving in the right direction,” Mara said in a release.

Beckham has been wisely bubble-wrapped this preseason by Pat Shurmur, but his otherworldliness is back.

“Still a freak, still fast, he’ll make crazy catches,” Adams said. “I think he deserves every bit of it.”

The Giants, from Mara on down, proved they would rather play with Odell Beckham Jr. than against him.

“He deserves it,” former Cardinals linebacker Kareem Martin told The Post. “It’s one thing to hear about it from another team, but to come out here every day and see it every day in practice, he’s a special talent, and he deserves everything he’s getting.”

Modal TriggerOdell Beckham Jr.
Beckham makes a one-handed catch during practice.Robert Sabo
Locking up Beckham validates the Giants’ Win Now commitment.

You don’t become a legend in this town until you win a championship, and Beckham now needs to win his first playoff game.

“It’s time for Eli to bring us home,” Beckham said. “It’s time for him to bring us back to what we all dream of doing, which is winning a Super Bowl, so the goals are never going to change, it’s just that time to go is now.”

News of the Money Badger signing sent a jolt of electricity through the locker room and building.

“Odell is just a great guy that brings so much energy to the offense,” defensive end Dalvin Tomlinson told The Post. “Like our chemistry goes up tenfold. Even the whole defense, we get juice off of him on the field and on the sideline.”

And behind closed doors.

“Before the game, he’s giving certain guys little nuggets in their ear,” Adams said. “He’s definitely a silent leader and a great teammate.”

And a wealthy one.

“I’m glad he’s on my side,” offensive lineman Patrick Omameh said.

Touchdown, Beckham!

Touchdown, Giants!