Rams-Patriots Super Bowl: Can new age topple old school?


ATLANTA — Tom Brady was young once, and no one knew whether he might show up with Super Bowl stagefright the night he carried the hopes and dreams of all New England on his 24-year-old shoulders following the 2001 season.

And Bill Belichick was young once, 34 years young at his first Super Bowl as Bill Parcells’ defensive coordinator in 1986, and two months shy of his 50th birthday on the Super Sunday that the Patriots dynasty began against The Greatest Show on Turf St. Louis Rams.

They were young men in a hurry then, hungry to make their marks and take the first steps toward leaving a forever footprint on their sport.

And boy, have they ever.

On this Super Sunday, they confront a pair of precocious babes in the NFL woods, the youngest quarterback-head coach duo ever to dare stand between the NFL’s Killer Bs and the Lombardi Trophy.

The millennials versus the perennials.

Rams coach Sean McVay and quarterback Jared Goff are the young men in a hurry now.

Who believe they can make a mockery of Age Before Beauty.

McVay versus Belichick is a generational chess match between New Age and Old School.