Security experts weigh in on what Facebook needs to change


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has a mission: Figure out how to fix the future.

Every year the tech CEO commits to a personal challenge, which in the past has been tackling goals like learning a new language or changing his diet. This year he wants to address some of the “biggest social issues facing Facebook and the internet overall.”

“This year my challenge is to get out and have a series of discussions on the future of technology and the internet and how that’s going to affect our society,” he said in a recent video discussing the challenge.

The promise comes after a rocky year for the company. Facebook admitted to a massive privacy breach in April 2018, after it was revealed it shared the user data of millions of people with data firm Cambridge Analytica. Subsequent reports on Facebook revealed how extensively the company tracks user preferences and identities like ethnicity, religion and political affiliations.

Although Zuckerberg has continued to make promises to improve the platform and rein in data-collection processes, security experts remain skeptical and the company is facing several federal probes regarding how it tracks users. Facebook did not respond to request for comment.