‘Shark Tank’ recap: Missouri farmer sends the mail-order meat


On Sunday’s “Shark Tank,” an eighth-generation farmer shared an endearing look at the struggles of family-owned farms, and brought home the bacon.

Lucinda Cramsey is from La Belle, Missouri, where she herds livestock, shuffles hay and toasts her business success with a mason jar. Her meat subscription service, Moink, is farm-to-table on a national scale, supporting the local farmer over the large corporation.

“Family farms are struggling, being snuffed out by big business,” Cramsey told the sharks. “With four companies controlling over 80 percent of the meat industry in the United States, the little guys have been left fighting for the scraps.”

Cramsey knows the struggles all too well. When she was 11, her father took his own life. Her mother worked two jobs to keep the farm, and there were plenty of nights when they went hungry. She entered the tank cautiously, after previously trading 51 percent of an agriculture subscription company without a penny in return. Incensed, Cramsey sold off the other 49 percent for $5,000.