‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Kailyn Lowry’s Drama With Chris Lopez Continues


Afraid of commitment. Kailyn Lowry Opens a New Window. and Chris Lopez have been spending more time together lately trying to rebuild their relationship, but they hit a bump in the road on the Monday, March 18, Teen Mom 2 Opens a New Window. episode. And after Chris accidentally sent her a text that was meant for his ex, could the entire thing be called off for good?

The lines were blurred even further when Chris still showed up to Lincoln’s birthday party to give him a gift and see Lux but didn’t seem to want much to do with Kail while he was there. Fortunately, they avoided each other without any fireworks, and the party went off without a hitch.

But later, Chris texted Kailyn to say he loved her out of nowhere, bringing her back to square one. She admitted to producer Patrick that she was getting tired of the back and forth, and eventually, she’s going to have to draw the line, especially since Chris has told her that his next step is getting his own place, not moving in with her and coparenting Lux from the same house.

“Within the next year, if we’re still doing this, I’m not gonna do it anymore,” Kail said. “I’m getting to the point where, eventually, I want to be with someone and raise my kids with someone and have a life together and do all that because I do get so emotional and lonely. I don’t want to love because I’m lonely, but I see all my mom friends are married, and here I am. Why can’t he commit to me?”The morning finally came for Barbara to meet Andrew for breakfast, but she ended up waiting for a long time only for him to never show up and ignore her calls. For her, that was enough. However, he later called her back and explained that he was in Florida visiting his father who was suffering from stage three cancer and had a limited time to live.

Andrew’s mother even got on the phone and told her that Andrew’s not the same person she used to know; that still wasn’t enough to convince her to meet up with Jace, though, although she wouldn’t mind taking him to meet his other grandmother.