‘Temptation Island’ Finale Part 1: Which Couple Called It Quits – and What’s Next for John and Kady?


“For some of you, this could be goodbye forever.” Host Mark J. Wahlberg did not beat around the bush when it came time for the singles to leave Temptation Island on part one of the finale on Tuesday, March 19.

Ahead of the couples’ reuniting, each one of them had to say goodbye to the singles – and some were more emotional than others.

John revealed to Katheryn that he wanted to hear Kady’s side of the story and wasn’t comfortable jumping from one relationship to another. Obviously, Katheryn had a hard time hearing that. On the other side, Kady had a difficult time saying goodbye to Johnny and she told him he had changed her life “for the better.” He knew she had to deal with the situation and that he wouldn’t hold anything against her, no matter what choice she made.

“I pray every day to meet someone like Kady and this was the last possible place I expected to find her. But I opened up my mind and my heart to a wonderful person and a wonderful human being. She’s got a lot of heavy stuff on her plate right now but I think once the dust clears, her and I will be able to reconnect,” he said.

Speaking of a having a hard time, Karl really disappointed Brittney. “I hope you have a great life, whether I see you again or not,” he told her, leaving her shocked and admitting in his interview that he really loved Nicole. Brittney broke down crying and told him he felt very different and more “distant” than ever. “Go back and be in your sh–ty relationship,” she told him. “I didn’t know this was coming based on the way it felt.”

Karl’s girlfriend Nicole, meanwhile, admitted to Tyler she didn’t want the show to end. “I didn’t think meeting one person could change this much inside me, like, give me a whole new perspective,” she admitted.

So, what happened at the bonfires? Scroll through the gallery below.