Texans are worried about losing land to Trump’s border wall


Their political affiliations may differ, but many of the ranchers along the Rio Grande are angry about the same thing — they don’t want to lose their land to the federal government.

“This isn’t about Republicans or Democrats,” said Rusty Monsees, who owns 21 acres steps from the river. “We’re Texans.”

Although he supports President Trump’s proposed border wall, he says he is worried about being forced to sell his land cheap in order to accommodate the new barrier.

He is one of thousands of landowners who are gearing up for a legal battle along the 138 meandering miles of the Rio Grande as US Customs and Border Patrol begins the “Border Infrastructure Project” to survey lands needed for a border wall.

The landowners who refuse to sign on to the project and sell their land risk being sued by the federal government and having their land seized through eminent domain.