Time to show Eli Manning love he deserves before it’s too late


No matter how it ends for Eli Manning, no matter when it ends — whether it ends in him wearing No. 10 for the Giants or another number for another team — it will ultimately end for him in Canton.

Bill Parcells was right when he told us Phil Simms would be appreciated more when he was no longer wearing No. 11, and Manning will be appreciated more than he is today when the next Giants franchise quarterback tries to follow in his footsteps, and good luck to him with that.

Manning will turn 38 in January, and the Giants can save $17 million in cap money next season if he is gone. He was 3-12 in 2017 and is 2-7 in 2018, so the football world can see there is writing on the Big Blue wall in capital letters.

Think about all this when you watch him on Sunday against the Buccaneers, likely the first of his final four home Sundays as your quarterback.

Four days from Thanksgiving, it just might be a good time for you to remember to start giving thanks for Eli Manning … the Pride of the Giants.

You should think about David Tyree’s catch and the two-minute drive to shock the Perfect Patriots in Super Bowl XLII, and you should think about the precision pass to Mario Manningham in Super Bowl XLVI.