Trump tariffs targeted in new campaign by business group


The Trump administration’s tariffs are the target of a new multi-million dollar campaign lodged by a coalition of businesses.

The group, Americans for Free Trade, is made up of companies from multiple industries, ranging from toys to tech. It aims to highlight the negative consequences of tariffs.

Rolling out Wednesday, the “Tariffs Hurt the Heartland” campaign involves reaching out to members of Congress, buying ads and hosting town hall style meetings in swing states.

In a letter to members of Congress, the group called on lawmakers to participate in local events next week in Pennsylvania, Illinois and Tennessee.

“We also strongly encourage Congress to exercise its oversight role on trade policy matters to prevent further harm to U.S. workers, consumers and families that will result from new tariffs — both those already being implemented and future tariffs that have been proposed,” the letter says.

The broad-based group is building off the momentum of the agricultural industry, which highlighted the damage tariffs have had on farmers. The effort was one of the drivers behind USDA’s $12 billion farm aid package designed to soften the blow of retaliatory tariffs.

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