Trump’s on-the-fly North Korea negotiations fuel White House worries over concessions


In a bold break with diplomatic convention, President Trump is heading into a high-stakes summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Tuesday without a completed deal on the table.While conversations at the White House about how to conduct the negotiations are developing day by day, according to sources, Mr. Trump has made it clear that he will lead the deal-making when he gets to the Singapore summit.The potential for on-the-fly negotiations is fueling a White House debate about what — if any — concessions Mr. Trump should offer in exchange for North Korea’s concrete steps toward dismantling nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons facilities.“It is up to North Korea to indicate what it is willing to do prior to the U.S. once again tossing benefits to the North to try to get it to comply with international law and U.N. resolutions,” said Bruce Klingner, a scholar at the conservative Heritage Foundation who once ran the CIA’s Korea branch.He described the offer of U.S. concessions as “the policeman sitting across from the criminal saying, ‘OK, this is what I’ll give you to have you return to compliance with the law.’ It shouldn’t be that way.”Mr. Klingner echoed the Korea hawks at the White House who oppose any U.S. concession prior to a ironclad


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