Ultraprocessed foods may increase death risk


There has never been a closer eye watching the average diet of people in the United States than there is today.

Rising obesity and diabetes rates have spurred furious research into the exact role of the “Western diet.”

We already know that high levels of sugar and fat can have a detrimental impact on various systems of the body.

However, the full scale of the damage is only coming into focus now.

As part of this new push to examine the impacts of diet on health and longevity, a group of French scientists focused on ultraprocessed foods.

The term “ultraprocessed” refers to food products that manufacturers have put through industrial processes and contain a range of ingredients. Some examples include sugary drinks, breads, ready-made meals, confectionaries, and processed meats.

The dangers of ultraprocessed foods

According to the authors of the latest study, scientists have already linked ultraprocessed products with a range of conditions, including “obesity, hypertension, and cancer.”

They are generally high in energy, fat, and sugar or salt, and low in fiber, which helps explain their links to disease risk. However, on top of this, they tend to contain a range of artificial ingredients that might also play a role in some conditions.