Vape pens are no longer discreet — they are high fashion


Not long ago, pot-smoking devices were designed to be as discreet as possible. So much so that one such implement actually masqueraded as a cigarette. That way, squares and the law figured you for the type of person who steered clear of contraband substances.

These days, with recreational pot use legal in 10 states — last week New Jersey surrendered on legalization, though proponents swear that their freak flags continue to fly — discretion is hardly the point. In line with that, smoking rigs have become downright showy, stopping just short of bedazzling.

The latest entry in conspicuous cannabis consumption is a line of vaporizers — stick-like implements that allow smokers to get their THC via small canisters of concentrated cannabis oil — decorated by the Hawaiian artist Aaron Kai. Swirly, psychedelic and recalling a day in the surf, they come from a company called Dr. Dabber and might well have been created while the artist was under the influence. After all, claims Dr. Dabber, vaping weed “has been an integral part of his process.”

Dr. Dabber is hardly alone in putting out high style smoking accoutrements. Shavo Odadjian, bass player for the band System of a Down, heads up a cannabis company called 22Red. It offers a line of trim vape-pens that are matte black with red spirals and possess a look that appears to be as thought out as a new pair of Adidas. “I love our design,” he gushed to Revolver. “We’ve got a great logo [that]I think people are connecting with.”