Vegan and meat-free fast-food options are growing. Here’s where to find them.


Plant-based protein continues to go more mainstream, making it easier to maintain a vegan or meat-free lifestyle.

Two weeks after Red Robin became the largest restaurant chain to serve The Impossible Burger and Burger King announced the pilot of the Impossible Whopper in St. Louis, two more restaurants announced Monday that they are joining the growing plant-based foods movement.

Blaze Pizza is adding a vegan Spicy Chorizo topping at its 300-plus restaurants nationwide Tuesday. Then on April 25, Del Taco will become the first national Mexican fast-food chain to offer plant-based meat across all 580 locations with two new meatless tacos, officials told USA TODAY.

In an exclusive interview with USA TODAY, Del Taco President and CEO John Cappasola said the California-based company partnered with Beyond Meat to develop the protein that includes the restaurant’s signature seasoning.

“It provides vegans and vegetarians or anyone wanting to cut down red meat consumption with more variety and convenience than they have today,” Cappasola said. “You can have a taco experience without feeling like you’re sacrificing.”