Virginia’s win won’t live down infamous Auburn foul call


MINNEAPOLIS — You wait your whole life for this, you work your whole life for this, and you are 0.6 seconds from the national championship game … then the dream you have dreamed from the time you were a little boy becomes a nightmare, and exhilaration turns to devastation.

By a referee’s call that will live in infamy in Auburn.A controversial call that was the right call … at the wrong moment.At the worst possible moment on the worst possible stage.

Doughty had brushed Guy and now he sat patiently at his locker, a lion-hearted tattoo on his chest, answering question after question, the tears trying to dry in his eyes after Virginia’s 63-62 win over Auburn.

He was clearly wrestling with what he and his teammates considered the injustice of a lifetime and taking the high road at the behest of coach Bruce Pearl.

“I didn’t feel like I fouled whatsoever,” Doughty would eventually say. “Everybody in the locker room honestly thought it wasn’t a foul, but I don’t know, I gotta see it.”