Who is Ross Lynch and why are his ‘nudes’ blowing up Twitter?


On Netflix’s “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” the camera and its audience love sweet, doe-eyed Harvey Kinkle, played by 23-year-old Ross Lynch. But in the new music video from his band Driver Era, it’s swagger-rific Lynch who loves the camera.

“Here’s my nudes,” a cheeky Lynch tweeted Thursday night in a post sharing the new video. Yes, he was using rampant, unsubstantiated web rumors of explicit photo leaks to his own promotional advantage.

His naked attention grab worked, inspiring thousands of tweets containing comments ranging from, “Ross Lynch destroy my body, please” to “Me, innocently: why is ross lynch trending? lmao.”

Along with 24-year-old brother Rocky Lynch, the duo has been on tour since March, and recently premiered the video for their new single “Feel You Now.” In it the young rocker is studded leather jacket-clad and drinking beers backstage, catching bras on-stage or just being generally shirtless a majority of the time.

Want to know more about the Debaucherous Adventures of Ross Lynch? Here’s five things to know: