Why no one cares about the return of these summer shows


We’ll let you in on a little secret: Season 5 of “Arrested Development” has been available on Netflix … for nearly two months. Since May 29.

If you weren’t aware of that, it’s no shocker — it’s been five years since “AD” aired its revived fourth season on Netflix. And that was seven years after its last episode aired on Fox. Back in 2013, Season 4 was largely scorned by hardcore fans. So why even bother bringing it back?


Here are our picks of a few other summer TV shows that have returned — or will soon return — to viewer indifference. Some of them are long in the tooth. Others were forgettable the first time around.

“I’m Dying Up Here” (Showtime)

You certainly are. This ensemble drama chronicling the burgeoning ’70s-era standup comedy scene in LA didn’t get much traction in its first season last summer, despite a solid cast (including Ari Graynor, Michael Angarano, Melissa Leo) and was a surprise renewal. It’s not faring much better so far this season, with low viewership and no buzz.

“Trial & Error” (NBC)

This whimsical, wafer-thin summer sitcom premiered last year and garnered some attention, if only because of star John Lithgow. Well, he didn’t come back for the “Really? They renewed it?” Season 2, which premieres Thursday night — and we’re guessing viewers will follow his lead.

“The Affair” (Showtime)

Few shows launched with a more daring premise than “The Affair”— examining a marriage and love affair from four different points of view — and the results were initially impressive. But it was at best a two-season show. By Season 3, the reservoir of good will toward the drama had dried up. Season 4 returned June 17 — and now the buzz is dead, the thrill is gone.

“Goliath” (Amazon)

Billy Bob Thorton’s arrival on streaming TV as a jaded attorney living in a sleazy beachfront motel won the Oscar-winning screenwriter (“Sling Blade”) a Golden Globe — but the David E. Kelley series with the “Rockford Files” vibe failed to generate much of anything when it returned on June 15.