Woman arrested for allegedly spitting in, touching ice cream at scoop shop


Ice cream tampering seems to be the summer trend that won’t end.

A Florida woman was arrested after allegedly sticking her unwashed hands in ice cream at a scoop shop, as well as spitting in the ice cream and urinating in a bucket used to make the homemade treat over the course of at least three days in June.

Indian Shores police arrested Jung Soon Wypcha, 66, after she was caught on Lu Lu’s Ice Cream and Candy Shop’s surveillance, FOX13 reported.

According to police, the woman used “the bathroom with the door wide open” five times and did not wash her hands before walking into the freezer and opening ice cream containers, which she then placed her hands in.

She also was seen picking her nose before touching the ice cream and spitting into the containers.

On a different day, Wypcha visited the ice cream shop and went into the back room to use the restroom. However, there was a lock on the door and she ended up urinating in one of the buckets used to make the ice cream. She then emptied the urine into the sink.

The woman’s actions forced Lu Lu’s Ice Cream Shop to get rid of $2,000 worth of product to “ensure public safety,” FOX13 reported.

The motive was not shared. It was not indicated if Wypcha was an employee of the store or a customer.

The woman reportedly was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and had no indication of mental health problems.

Wypcha was arrested for tampering and criminal mischief.

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