Woodland health occupation students give back to EMTs


STOCKBRIDGE — Health science students at Woodland High School in eastern Henry County expressed appreciation for some of the county’s emergency professionals in one of the celebrated holiday traditions.

The students, led by teacher Gail Dutton, delivered cookies to three different fire stations in the county on Thursday evening, sugar cookies that were made from scratch by the students in one of the school’s kitchen labs.

Two of those stations housed students as they conducted work training during this past semester.

The other fire station, located on Flat Rock Road, is Woodland’s local fire station and is the station that would respond in the event of an emergency at the school.

Students then traveled to the fire station adjacent to Salem Baptist Church, and then the new fire station on Kelleytown Road, the county’s newest fire station.

Firefighters at the stations were surprised by the gift, and some even joked that they would take all the cookies for themselves, rather than sharing them with the other shifts at the stations. Stations were given three batches of cookies each, one for each shift.

One student said it took three days to get the 300 cookies made, which involved everything from making the dough to making the frosting to baking the cookies.

“I had the opportunity to do the third rider program two years in a row, which means I was able to shadow a paramedic in the ambulance certain days of the week, to complete my class for third-year health care clinical,” said Lindsey Love, a senior and one of the vice presidents of HOSA.

Love also said that her experience convinced her to want to become an EMT when she is done with her education.

HOSA, formally known as the Health Occupations Students of America, is an international student organization consisting of health science students looking to get into the health care profession.