Yankees and Twins had no choice but to play through hell


By the end, there were a couple dozen masochists milling inside Yankee Stadium, and in addition to the complimentary Louisville Sluggers they were given as part of Bat Day, they should also have received something else for their troubles. An official Yankees rain slick, for instance. Or a pinstriped Gilligan hat. Or perhaps a free visit with an analyst.

Of course, before any of us could really get to the end, there would be one final soggy insult to these faithful, stout-hearted denizens: just past 7 o’clock, 7 ½ innings in the books, a 4-1 lead on the scoreboard, the ground’s crew leapt over the side railings and the tarp came out and the old Bruce Springsteen rain delay standby, “Cover Me,” thundered throughout the vast and mostly empty yard.

“I’ve seen enough,” the Boss crooned, no doubt echoing the sentiments of the 35,000 or so others who had opted to either stay away or seek the drier pastures of the 4 train or the Major Deegan Expressway, “I don’t wanna see anymore.”

We wouldn’t see anymore. We would all have to be content with the memory of this 4-1 Yankees victory, with Domingo German improving to 6-1 with 6 ²/₃ innings of four-hit, one-run ball, with Mike Tauchman taking temporary leave, anyway, of a 4-for-40 slump with a scalding home run into the teeth of the wind.

The Yankees had spent most of the day, and two-thirds of the weekend, doing to the Minnesota Twins what they usually do to them, performing an annual duty in reminding their guests that no matter how well they play against anyone else in baseball, even everyone else in baseball — and the Twins had come to The Bronx sporting the best record in baseball — they will always be the Yankees’ favorite sparring partner.