Yankees aren’t going to win it all with this patchwork formula


On a day the Yankees celebrated the incredible accomplishments of the 125-win 1998 Yankees, the modern version of the team continued to tempt fate.

This team is baseball’s version of Jenga. One shaky piece and it can all come falling down. The Yankees are hoping to hold on for better days when they are healthy again.

The Yankees came away with an 11-6 victory over the Blue Jays at Yankee Stadium on Saturday, but Toronto is just another example of baseball gone bad in 2018.

Sure, the Yankees are 77-46, but there are major issues that won’t go away.

Brian Cashman had better find some reinforcements because the Yankees lose a little more talent every day. When Gary Sanchez returns it will be a welcome sight, no matter his .188 batting average.

The Yankees are just too thin right now, especially in the outfield.

That 1998 team was a testament to team play, depth and a ballclub thinking championship from Day 1. These Yankees are just trying to get through another day because of injuries. Catcher Austin Romine had to leave the game in the sixth inning after taking a foul ball off his mask in the fifth.