Niagara Falls seems never falling Off through edges

Niagara Falls during a previous winter. Wally Stemberger/Shutterstock

Niagara Falls one of natural wonders of world, is almost frozen these days. the reason behind this is extreme weather of America in last few days. This God made beauty looks spectacular to viewers as they are visiting spot to capture this breath-taking scene even in minus temperature. The famous landscape on the border of Canada and New York is half frozen and seems like still at the place because of snow blanket over the place. The Blizzard of the Century in USA has numbed the country as the weather conditions are relentlessly changed. The Niagara Falls hit by this stormy weather and turned into white winter wonderland.

The Natural Illusion

The Niagara Falls seems never flowing now as the white sheet of ice has covered it fully. The mist and spray have made a crust of ice on the falls that it shows the running water has stopped. However, this is beautiful illusion made by Nature which is adding to the beauty of hot tourist spot and making it stunning to people. According to the Niagara Falls New York Park, the volume of flowing water is about 3160 tonnes and falling rate is 32 feet per second. The viewers are coming to place consistently even in harsh weather covering themselves in layers of clothes and caps to grab the scene in their cameras to showcase it all over the internet.

The falling water does not stop due to ice as steel booms were installed there after 1964. Before the time the falling water was frozen five times on the US side due to obstruction of ice.

Reactions of Visitors

No doubt the breath-taking scene is making people amazed n the spot. Number of people have posted on twitter about their views regarding the scenic beauty. The buffalo is totally covered with snow now which is making it sight-seeing. However, the snowstorm has taken great toll over lives and normal cycle of life in the area. There were number of accidents due to harsh storm people stuck in the cars and other vehicles. The running vehicles were blown off the roads and thrown in the snowbanks. Number of died people is 60 till now due to this sudden blizzard of year. I found one good tweet also in which one person was giving details about entering his house for stay over there due to harsh weather.

The Nature is great creator and terminator as on one side the beauty of half frozen Niagara Falls soothing the visitors, on the other side many people of the area got affected negatively due to harsh weather. However, there is always positivity in negative things. So the stunning beauty of Falls is no doubt is a big sattraction for people at the moment.

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