USA is again hard on China Travelers Due To Rising COVID-19 Cases

restrictions on china travelers due to spiking of covid19 in US
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After Beijing’s decision to follow stringent zero COVID policies, the US has imposed mandatory COVID testing for China Travelers. Now the US also came in the list of nations which have made such restrictions on China. It is not unusual after facing such massive destruction from COVID-19 in the previous years. It is normal to get terrified and take required measurements to stay safe this time.

COVID testing

It is said by the Health officials that from January 5, travellers from China including two years and adult visitors need to have negative COVID testing results no more than 2 days before leaving China. This same restriction is already imposed by other nations including India, Italy, Japan, Taiwan. However, Australia and the United Kingdom are still quiet on this issue as there are no new rules set up for passengers from China yet.

China’s cut off from travel to world

During the first spark of the Corona Virus Epidemic, China was totally disconnected from the entire world. China faced it for three years and now it seems the similar danger is again hovering over the nation. China is going to open the borders of the country to the world from 8th January but there is still no assurance due to rising cases.

Corona is hitting Again

In China Corona Virus has started taking a big toll on lives again. People are getting infected with viruses at a fast pace and there is no hope for escape. The overwhelming number of patients and lack of medication are reflecting the real picture to the whole world, though the Chinese government is trying to hide this. The US government has taken this decision of mandating the negative COVID testing after watching this suspicious information regarding actual data of COVID patients. As per China reports the count of suffering people is 5000 per day however it is one million indeed. Therefore, the concerned nations are stepping behind to get rid from the upcoming problem.

China’s reaction

After analysing the actions of these countries, China said that it is not good to hype the situation as everything is in control. Beijing’s Foreign Ministry said that the precautions regarding Corona should only be scientifically stated. However, people reacted quite angrily over it. As it is necessary to stay alert and identify the variants of Corona Virus to protect everyone, says the US authorities of Disease prevention.

China is in trouble now as it was about to open for the entire world by 8th January but it seems impossible now. China is going to end quarantine state policies but there is no assurance that anybody would be confident enough to enter the nation due pandemic outburst. Hence, the other nations are taking correct measures to control the spread of disease from one place to another by imposing certain laws.

It is call of the time to be aware and careful to stop the further spread of Corona Virus by following crucial measurements. Every nation is required to act accordingly as it is about the whole of humanity neither about one land nor one race.

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